Discover the Piedmont network of producers who practice a green, reconsidered and sustainable viticulture.
A project by Coldiretti Cuneo

3 years

Over 3 years more than 1,200 wineries in the Langhe and Roero have been involved. We have experimented 700 ha of green manure & 500 ha of mating disruption.

10 rules

There are ten rules at the core of The Green Experience: eco-sustainable solutions and reduction of chemical products in favor of agronomic and natural solutions.

2 brand + 1

The Green Experience presents two alternative guidelines to the consumers, which give rise to two brands, plus one collaboration project that is future-oriented.

An immersive green experience

10 rules

  1. Eco-friendly and sustainable viticulture and productions
  2. Protection of biodiversity and of the natural environment
  3. Aesthetic protection of the natural and anthropic landscape
  4. Priorities to agronomic solutions and respect for the soil
  5. Elimination of chemical weeding in vine-rows
  6. Sowing of herbal and floral essences in the vineyard
  7. Dissemination of useful pollinating insects
  8. Location of nests for birds functional to cultivation
  9. Respect and honesty towards consumers
  10. Traceability of controls and external certification

2 brand + 1

The Green Experience presents two alternative guidelines to the consumers, which give rise to two brands, plus one collaboration project that is oriented to build a better future for Piedmont wines and landscape.

The Green Experience Logo

The The Green Experience guidelines, whose logo is characterized by a blue butterfly, are aimed at integrated productions attentive to environmental sustainability and the care of the landscape.

The Green Experience Plus Logo

The The Green Experience Plus guidelines, characterized by a yellow/gold butterfly, are aimed at organic productions, with the addition of new parameters to increase the sustainability and the care of the landscape.

The Green Experience Districts

It was clear right from the start: The Green Experience is based on and fed by love and respect for the land, the hills and the vineyards. For this very reason, our secret dream is the spreading like wildfire of The Green Experience – not just one vineyard here and one over there, but entire hills following one of the two guidelines that we propose.

This is the future of The Green Experience: the creation of districts containing vineyards within them, with continuity, that comply with either of the guidelines. This is the path that we have traced for the time to come, no doubt it would be a turning point able to improve the future of the landscape and winegrowing in Piedmont.

The green winegrowers network

Over 100 producers from Langhe, Roero and Monferrato worki ng on more than 900 hectars of vineyard have begun The Green Experience.


The next step: the districts

The future of The Green Experience, coming soon.


Certified procedures

The wineries are checked and certified by an external control body chosen every year and recognized by MIPAAF.


Langhe, Roero & Monferrato

The Vineyard Landscape of South Piedmont was inscript on the World Heritage list of UNESCO in 2014.


More than 15 quality labels

More than 15 Italian quality labels, as DOCG and DOC, become part of The Green Experience project.

* Are you a winegrower? Join our network.

The winegrowers take the floor

Why have you joined in the project The Green Experience?

Our company has always cultivated vineyards following The Green Experience principles: healthy, beautiful, good. This certification gives us credibility and further competitiveness.


Loris Massucco Massucco / Castagnito

We have a great responsibility towards our past, our land and the future of wine and vineyard in the next 100 years: we have chosen The Green Experience to respect plant and animal biodiversity and seek a definitive solution to CO2 emissions.


Valentina, Paola e Federica Grasso Ca’ del Baio / Treiso

I have been joined in The Green Experience for years because I believe in agriculture that respects the soil, the environment and the territory. It’s a great eco-sustainable project for our hills.


Elena Brovia Brovia / Castiglione Falletto

3 years of experiments

After 3 years of work, meetings and experiments, after involving more than 1,200 wineries, Coldiretti Cuneo now presents “The Green Experience”, a brand and a collective, integrated and sustainable certification dedicated to the wines of Piedmont and created to enhance the distinctiveness of the production methods, to preserve natural resources and to take care of the hilly landscape.

The Green Experience is a collaboration proposal, made by the producer to the consumer, to achieve the dream of an ecological viticulture, good to drink and good to see.

How is it born?

By listening to the needs of the wine-growers, through the work of the experts of Agency A4, Coldiretti Cuneo has undertaken an experimental path in order to identify new environmentally and economically sustainable procedures that can improve the products and turn every potential constraint on production and transformation into a real advantage.

Why is it born?

First of all, The Green Experience is born from the need to set up a custom-made certification for the wines of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato and for the Piedmont territory that can give value to their peculiarities. The objective is to promote a brand that preserves the typical identity of the Piedmont wines also on the market of eco-friendly, eco-sustainable and organic productions.

What's the purpose?

Both guidelines of The Green Experience have been conceived with the aim to improve the quality of wine, to enhance the distinctiveness of the production methods and to take care of the soil, the biodiversity and the landscape. The purpose is to safeguard the vineyard landscapes of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, recently recognized by UNESCO, and to consolidate their future with a collective and sustainable project.

What's your choise?

The Green Experience is not a promise, it’s a project. It will not change viticulture overnight, but it allows the producers, from the first day of their membership, to begin a process of ecological improvement in the management of the vineyard and the landscape, a serious and structured process.

Some data

101 Producers
967 Hectares
28 Municipalities

Coldiretti Cuneo

Founder & Promoter of the Network

Coldiretti was founded in 1944 to represent the interests of Italian farmers. The Coldiretti approach focuses on farmers' self-development and promotes multifunctional agriculture as a support for both business and rural growth. Today Coldiretti, which has an established presence within all the Italian rural areas, is striving to ensure a more viable and sustainable future for Italian farmers and countryside. Coldiretti is operating in three ways. On the one hand it provides specialized advisory services tailored to farms and family-run business. In the second place it plays a role in creating relations between local producers and consumers in today's globalized food system. Thirdly it designs and delivers innovative neighborhood services, in order to take care of rural communities needs and issues. With over one million and a half members, 70 years of experience and a intrinsic inclination for social innovation, Coldiretti is an ideal partner to plan projects shared by locals and to achieve the expected improvements in rural communities.

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